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Tween clothing loves tween beauty

Tween clothing loves tween beauty

Its not just tween clothing that we are being schooled on here, its also tween beauty routines. 

Like OMG tweens where did you learn so much about skincare and makeup? Well we know the answer. And ByteDance/Meta has just a little to do with that. 

And as your mums we are just jealous that you know at 10 what it took us till our 20s to figure out! 

There is so much you can teach us about face rollers, dewy skin, smelling like a watermelon, sun protection, and those things you wrap around your face to do your routine? 

And we need you to tell us what to buy at Mecca, Sephora and Ulta. We are flying blind in those places. Literally. 

And finally we want some Drunk Elephant for ourselves, just cannot afford it. But go ahead and put it on your birthday list. :) 


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