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Should kids have a skincare routine?

Should kids have a skincare routine?

I think kids should not have a skincare routine. In saying that, I mean like full on skincare. If your kids really want some skincare, look into brands that are made especially for their age. My personal favourite is Evre. Do NOT let them buy Drunk Elephant, Glow Recipe or any of that stuff. Glow Recipe is probably the best out of the popular range but Drunk Elephant is a big no. You should only be using fancy stuff like that if you go to a dermatologist and they recommend it. Make sure not to use AHAS Retinol and other acids like Glycolic acid if you are under 13, again unless recommended. If your child really wants something from Mecca, try look at Mecca max for skincare!! They have really great options for young skin which I prefer compared to lala Retro.
by Lexi


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