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Lets shrink fast fashion not your clothes

Blaire's clothes are here for a good time and a long time - that means they should last for years (and even be handed down to little bro or sis).

To make your gear last longer and stay looking fresh, there are a few tips we can give you for caring for them.

Air Dry

  • Hang your Blaire clothes outside if the weather plays ball
  • Avoid the dryer

Wash little

  • Only wash when it needs it. If it's stinky it's time
  • Wash on a low temp

Fold them

  • Store your clothes folded or hung neatly
  • Also keeps your room tidy... and your parents happy

Mend it

  • Learn how to do basic repairs
  • Saves you $$$ and means you can thrash that item for longer

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