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Why 11 is a good age to get a phone?

Why 11 is a good age to get a phone?

Hi, my name is Evangeline and I am 11 years old and I recently got my very first phone. I think eleven to twelve is a good age to get a phone because it brings independence as we are going to intermediate school and coming into our teenage years.

Mum and dad got my phone so I would be able to contact them and they would be able to contact me When I walk to and from school. Another reason I think a phone can be useful is now I can contact overseas family members as I have a lot of family overseas. On my phone I have WhatsApp which I use to keep in touch with my neighbours as we walk to and from school together. I also use WhatsApp to text my friends and most importantly send ugly dog and cat pictures to the squad.

A phone can be fun but there can be some things that 11-year-olds should not be looking at so on my phone I do not have any social media which I'm okay with cause I don't need to see one million picture of the person of the in the same clothes in this same position.

The only downside to having a phone is that my friends can capture me pulling weird faces and send it to different groups. Sometimes I don't even know how they got to those photos of me in the first place! 

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