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Why 10-12 is a perfect age to get a phone.

Why 10-12 is a perfect age to get a phone.

How old should kids be when they get a phone? Phones are a very widely used device for multiple reasons by many different people all over the world.

Kids as young as 5-6 have phones and although there may be benefits, how old should a kids really be before getting a phone? Personally I feel as though 5-6 is too young this is for multiple reasons such as how easily kids break things and really shouldn't be trusted with these mobile devices. 

I think that 10-12 is a perfect age for a kid to get their very own phone for various reasons. 

As kids get into intermediate, they may start taking public transport to school like buses or walk home/carpool with friends. I think that a phone would benefit them in these situations because if they need to contact a caregiver, they have the access too. Also if a kid needs to contact a caregiver during school they would have the access without going to teachers. 

By getting kids their first phone at 10-12 they are trusted to not break it easily and can use the phone for a variety of reasons like taking photos, communicating with friends and family, and browsing Blaire's website and socials, obviously! Even if they dont have social media, I believe that 10-12 years old is the perfect age to get their first phone because of communication and multiple benefits not only for themselves but their family and friends as well. 


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