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Its time fashion got changed

Pre-Blaire, Rose had a baby and children’s wear label, Goblin, designing the prints and sewing the range herself, all made to order in Aotearoa New Zealand.

But change the way you change, and after 20 years of friendship we were in the same place - we dont want to make, support, and buy clothes that put the world on the line. And we want to teach our daughters the same.

We release a few designs a year, not thousands a
day. And these are clothes not heading to a landfill.

If we grow, fast fashion shrinks (even just a teensy bit)

We’re the only tweenwear brand on the planet, and we’re good for it.

As mums of daughters we found that there was a massive gap – no, make that a gaping hole! – in the market. Blaire gives tweens one less thing to worry about - threads that fit them, that slay (obvs) and that last! Oh and in styles that all their friends want.

Made for kids, not by them

We see you tweens! We are deeply inspired by you. You are cool, you are kind and you are excellent company. How can you be so worldly, yet still not tidy your rooms? We vibe on your creativity and we’re so excited for your wide open future. 

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