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from Esther, 14yrs

from Esther, 14yrs

Finding clothes when I was a tween was really difficult. I had grown out of my rainbow sequins phase and was looking for a more mature style, yet I was unable to find a single thing that would fit me. When I went to children's clothing shops, everything was too frilly and sparkly, yet when I went to where most teenagers would shop, nothing fit me. Every pair of jeans I tried on would be too long or big for my waist. Every top I tried on would be too baggy or just wasn’t the thing I was looking for. Everything that I liked just never fit me!

Luckily, my mum can sew so she was able to alter some jeans to fit my waist and make them shorter. Sometimes now I just use a tie at the back to make them tighter. Even though I can get things that are too big for me as I know my Mum can probably adjust them, some tweens can’t.

So I am happy BLAIRE is here to solve the problem of tweens having nothing to wear. I wish it had been around when I was 10!

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