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Tween fashion - Is Shein Yay or Nay?

Tween fashion - Is Shein Yay or Nay?

You blow our minds tweens with how much you know about socially responsible fashion. 

We weren't surprised that you knew of Shein, every time you open a search engine and search for like an ice-cream sundae, Shein will be find a way of being a top three result. Its hard to get away. 

But surprisingly most tweens had ordered something from there (often just once) and if not then defo had friends who had ordered. 

And almost unanimous we got the message loud and clear. Shein is bad. Mainly because they "do sweat shops" or "make kids make the clothes". 

Tweens of Aotearoa New Zealand we salute your intelligence and maturity on this. Perfectly summed up by 11 year old Maia: 

"Shein is child labour and we do not support that."


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