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What are tweens wearing in 2023?

What are tweens wearing in 2023?

Whatever their parents are happy to pay for?! The first thing that we know about tween clothing is that it is Mum, Dad (or Nana!!) who are the gatekeepers. So any purchase has to go through the lens of what they think is okay. It has to fit the budget and the values of your families. 

In terms of actual trends, here is some stuff we have learnt from all of you tween fashionistas:

  • Denim. Specifically baggy 90's jeans. Or jean shorts. Just a staple of any wardrobe. 
  • Cropped tops. (slightly only please says Mum). But done right this is the best time of your life for a crop! Use it before you lose it we say. 
  • What the older girls are wearing. Yep our tweens are just like all the generations before taking fashion cues from those more stylish than ourselves, our big sisters! 
  • Anything COMFY! These kids are thrashing these clothes and they are not sitting still in them. From the mall, to doing trending dances, to lolling around with friends, our tween threads must be able to last the distance.

So in summary. Not much has probably changed since I was a tween back in the 90's. Well maybe a little...  


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