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Why are we speaking up about online bullying?

Why are we speaking up about online bullying?

Blaire sells kids clothing. In the course of calling out inappropriate marketing to kids - we got trolled. Some of it is quite personal and derogatory. Some of it is plain laughable!

But that is our 40-something (shhhh) brains evaluating those comments. Not a 12 year old, who is unsure of their place in the world, who maybe feels like they dont fit in or is just simply having a bit of a flat day.

Your kids, our kids, our customers were born with a phone in their hands. They are the first generation to grow up not knowing life before the internet. For most of them there is daily contact with the digital world.

As parents of tweens and teens of today, our analogue upbringing last century was a very different place. Bullies could not hide behind a fake name or a closed account. And its sometimes hard for us as Mums, Aunties and friends to know how to parent online bullying.

And yes tweens of the world, we want you to buy and love Blaire clothes but more than that we want you to bloom into loved, supported and confident adults.

So to show our support we have made these limited edition tees. 20% to go to Youthline. 


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